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Cherish Life
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Word of the day: contemn (verb) 
20th-Aug-2009 07:11 pm


contemn • \kun-TEM\ • verb
: to view or treat with contempt : scorn

Example Sentence:
Jacob believes that any rational scientist must contemn theories of magic and the supernatural.

Did you know?
"Contemn" is derived from the Latin verb "contemnere," a word formed by combining "con-" and "temnere" ("to despise").
Surprisingly, our verb may have come within a hair's breadth of being spelled "contempn." The Middle French word "contempner" arrived in Middle English as "contempnen," but that extra "p" disappeared, leaving us with "contemn." You may be wondering about the connection between "contemn" and "contempt," and not surprisingly, they are related. "Contempt" comes from Latin "contemptus," which comes from "contemnere." "Contemn" first turned up in print in the 15th century; "contempt" dates from the 14th century.
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