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Cherish Life

Take a deep breath

Last update: Monday, January 4, 2010; 18:19 PST

About me
I started blogging in the summer of 2005 after one of my artsy friends introduced me to it. Back then, I only journaled and I decided that blogging could be a fun way to express my thoughts while interacting with other bloggers online. That's how my first blog started. Today, I plan on turning this more into a post secret area of my own which means that eventually, this might become a private blog without any direct interaction (unless you're on my email distribution list).

On blogging
With that said, I keep most of my entries friends-only for privacy reasons. My public posts are very general and include mostly word-of-the-days from Merriam Webster. Otherwise, I enjoy analyzing books, sharing food stories, and capturing my current thoughts about all my various interests. I contemplate a lot as well.

On commenting
I try to acknowledge and respond to any comments left on my blog (or via email) but I may fall behind now and again.

On friending
At this point, I am not looking to add new friends unless we know each other in real life.

Thanks for stopping by.